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IMAKE is a project of international cooperation, financed by ETCP Greece – Italy 2007/2013, created to enhance with the territories of Greece, especially with the town of Preveza, youthful experiences of success and already in the territory of Puglia, such as youth policy program called “Bollenti Spiriti”. Aim of the project is therefore to start from such experiences, however reinforcing the urban creativity in the fields of art, music, theater and languages ​​youth.

The project is promoted by GAL  “Terra dei Trulli e del Barsento”, territory consists of 7 municipalities in the province of Bari (Alberobello, Castellana Grotte, Gioia del Colle, Noci, Putignano, Sammichele di Bari, Turi), as the lead partner, in partnership with Apulia Film Commission and the Municipality of Preveza in Greece.


1) A full program of seminars, workshops and multi-disciplinary laboratories, IMAKE will specialize professionals in various disciplines of the art (especially cinema, music and theater) and thus to developing mutually supportive strategies to support youth creativity.

2) At the end of the training courses will be organized in two editions of the International Festival of Arts (scheduled both in Italy and in Greece) for the dissemination of new artistic languages ​​experienced during the training phase

3) IMAKE will also continue to promote best practices have been present for some years in the Italian towns of Alberobello and Putignano (through the restoration and the operational start of 2 municipal buildings long abandoned and now used to promote the youth gathering and artistic production ). In the project are expected, in fact, interventions of urban regeneration, through the completion of the restoration of the structure present in the Municipality of Putignano (the former slaughterhouse today Putignano Urban Laboratory managed by the Consortium IMAKE).

4) The project I MAKE also plans to organize a study day devoted entirely to international cooperation (European Cooperation Day), in order to highlight the role of design in the field of trans-national and inter-cultural cohesion among European regions. Within the festival, there is the performance of the Laboratory “on the Mediterranean Cooperation” conducted by the Mediterranean, in partnership with the GAL Terra dei Trulli and Barsento, Apulia Film Commission, Puglia Sounds and Managing Authority ETCP Greece-Italy. At the workshop attended by all the participants involved in the three sections of film, music and theater, The Academy of MAKE.


The overall objective of the project is to create an environment, both physical and conceptual, in which the activities artistic, cultural and social can be carried out directly by young people, with the support of experts who provide their expertise and professionalism have already been tried and tested on Italian territory.
The specific objectives of the project are identified in this way:

– to contribute to the culture and the exchange of experiences, through laboratory activities dedicated and shared by young people;

Increase the value of artistic young bands and giving them the ability to create actions of cultural contamination;

Test an innovative strategy, trying to contaminate the traditional performance art and / or craft new artistic performances;

Have to know the artistic and cultural expressions of young people (from graphic art to the music, theater, cinema);

Promoting culture as a professional choice possible and feasible, enhancing opportunities to create active networks among young people of the territories;

Promote a new leading role of young people in local public life;

Improve the sense of inclusion of young people in local communities, paying particular attention to those young people at risk of marginalization and delinquency;

Support community processes of cooperation and consider them as useful to the development of a specific area;

Leverage participation patterns of active citizenship which exist, thus allowing a development that is the most attended as possible.


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